Getting a FREE BOOK ~ As easy as Pi

Yes I said Pi 3.1415 not Pie !!!

I could never make enough pie to feed everyone!No Pie

The number π is commonly approximated as 3.1415 and that looks familiar doesn’t it? 03-14-15 tomorrow is the Pi Day of the Century and today is Friday the 13th. Since you have two things to celebrate this weekend, and I like the number three, I wanted you to have another small thing to do a happy dance over.

No on second thought it’s not a small thing, it’s BIG.  It’s a REALLY BIG thing… Free Books are BIG.

Click on this link to access a code for DIAMOND ROAD Free Friday Afternoon March 13 & Saturday 14 2015 only! Hurry but do enjoy your pie if you get some of that too!

In the link you will answer three easy questions you already know the answer to!  Don’t worry, you won’t get other emails from me and I promise to never sell your email address.  Because I totally hate that!  I promise to only share truly exciting news with you twice a year about new releases I am working on.

If you miss this opportunity, you can still pick up a copy online for yourself or to gift to a friend. Available in multiple formats with reasonable prices.  Just check with your favorite online bookseller.


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