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The Art of Book Covers~

I’m learning.  A lot.

So I’m learning about book covers to be exact.  My debut novel is coming out next month and I hope to share the cover in a reveal very soon.  So stay tuned.

It has been somewhat of a learning process though.  Use photos, or artwork?  Depict a scene, or the overall essence?  The book is the first in a series of four, so what is the cohesion factor that will bind them all besides the words on each one saying, A Lost & Found Novel?

I am so very thankful that my book was picked up by a traditional publisher that prides themselves on working with the author’s vision.  It would be just fine if they showed me what the cover was going to be and that was it, but I wouldn’t learn a whole lot that way.

This way, I learn about promotion and that short ten to twenty seconds that a book cover has to grab a potential reader’s attention.  My hope is the story will keep their attention long enough that it doesn’t matter what the second cover in the series looks like.

But this first one, seems an awful lot is hanging on it.

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